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Color works

Color works

Della leggiadria di Matelda

A tribute to Dante Alighieri. The inspiration comes from a passage in Purgatory, where Dante meets Matelda and is separated from her only by a very pure stream and sees her as a woman who dances putting one foot slightly in front of the other. The work describes the gracefulness of the woman’s movements and the focus is on the foot, as a symbol of grace and femininity.
50 x 20 cm – venetian smalti and cement


Where are we going? Lost the way and lost contact with reality, someone is led to isolate oneself.
55 x 120 cm – venetian smalti and cement


I love the sea and I am fascinated by its sunsets. Wood is an integral part of the work, because its texture recalls the water’s edge.
3 sections 60 x 10 cm – venetian smalti and wood

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