Why mosaic art

I am a mosaic artist, so I break stones to recreate and I identify myself in this act. So I represent what I see and what I feel with my sensibility and the mosaic language.

Matter, light, colors

mosaic art matter colors light

I identify myself in mosaic art beacuse here I cand find my fundamentals: matter, light and colors on one hand, essence on the other.


marble mosaic

I need matter, beacuse is the physical and tactile part of our experience. We understand the world by touching things. Matter transmits sensations. A high-contrast and rough surface is very different from a smooth and shiny one.


venetian smalti colors

Colors are the result of our perception of the world, but they represent also our feelings. We can recognize and evoke emotions through colors.


gold in contemporary mosaic art

Matter and colors live through the light, that shows their peculiarities. Gold become a little star when shines in the light. Marble shows its time and wrinkles and Venetian smalti light their tones.


At the last, the ability to synthesize. I am not a rampling person and I try to remove the excess to reach the essence. Maybe I look like a shy person, but actually I am a simple researcher.

exhibition mosaic art