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Golden works

Golden works

Oltre la porta

Beyond our perception we can reach new knowledge that elevate us. We need to break the layer that prevents us from seeing beyond.
127 x 60 cm – marbles, gold and cement

Fata morgana

An expanse of desert and heat. In the distance, on the horizon, you can see a glow: a lifeline or yet another illusion?
79 x 120 cm – marbles and gold


Interpretation of the Japanese concept, for which the defect becomes a value and a reason for uniqueness in the object itself.
Worked on three levels: the smooth and flat one with the cement, the intermediate one with the mosaic and finally the golden gash that seems to open like a window to the outside.
80 x 120 cm – marbles, gold, cement


A tribute to the landscape of Monte Terminillo (RI) and a celebration of the spirituality that is breathed in the community of the “Fraternit├á Monastica della Trasfigurazione”. A hymn to lightness

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