Andamento is the mosaic breath

You are on the beach by the sea. You look at the waves and it is a continuous splash, then you look up towards the horizon and everything appears calm and flat. Here: I am inspired by this when I create my mosaic backgrounds.

In the artistic mosaic, andamento is used to determine the lines that the tiles must follow, so that the composition is ordered and clearly legible. They serve to emphasize, for example, the shapes of a face, or help to identify the different light-dark areas.

mosaic art andamento study

Once you have learned the technique, the best thing is to get rid of it: this is where my artistic research is born, here my mosaic language comes to life. In certain subjects, I feel the need to break the traditional patterns, enter and exit the lines of andamento, breaking them continuously and playing with the dimensions of the grout lines and tiles. I need this to change the rhythm of the composition, because the gaze is hungry for movement to feed its curiosity, but also for pause to understand it.

levitazione detail mosaic art

Then looking at mosaic details, one will notice continuous movements, maybe chaotic. By opening your gaze and looking at the work as a whole, you will see the calm of a harmonious arrangement. The wave is in the particular, the sea in the totality.

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