Rules help but chaos fascinates

Like every person I am fascinated by the relationship between chaos and order. The question is to ignore or to follow the rules . It is the same tension that I find in every artistic mosaic work. I remember the discussions with many friends on the subject: do we need rules or not? Is common… Continue reading Rules help but chaos fascinates

My masters at Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli

There are many figures we meet on our life, and who guide us perhaps for short time. I like to remember the years of training at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Fiuli where I met special people, both teachers and students. Are you ready to fly? So the teacher Evelina Della Vedova asked me, giving me… Continue reading My masters at Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli

Is this a mosaic?

From my studio window, I can see my neighbor’s entrance. It is covered with many fragments, randomly arranged, to recompose a surface This type of coating is called Palladiana and has distant origins (it was already used in ancient Rome). Today, I often hear this technique fall under the “mosaic category”, perhaps because there are… Continue reading Is this a mosaic?

Does the colour last forever?

I’ve recently read a book “Bright Earth. The invention of colour” by Philip Ball. It’s a very interesting and pleasant essay, where the author thinks back to the history of the colour from a physical-chemical point of wiew, and from the very first uses till now. Today we take for granted the facility to use… Continue reading Does the colour last forever?

The easel mosaic

The categories of the mosaic The world of the mosaic art is wide. For these reason I think it could be useful to stop and clarify the question in order to understand better. The mosaic has an ancient story. The first discoveries date back to 3000 b.C.; a lot happened since then and it is… Continue reading The easel mosaic

What is the mosaic art?

Tiles, andamento and spacing. When I tell people that I create mosaics, it often happens that they compare them with puzzle. Actually, we all know the puzzle and it is quite spontaneous to define the mosaic art (that is less known) as a joint of colourful tiles. It’s not exactly the same thing! And it… Continue reading What is the mosaic art?