Mosaic tiles are the knowledge of the matter

Sometimes, I think that each tile is a small sculpture and, like a sculptor, the mosaicist must know well the material he uses. The cut of the tile is fundamental in the artistic mosaic: it must be clean and precise, so the card has the desired shape and to occupies the space as I want. However, there is a balance, an exchange of forces, between my will to give a specific shape and the will of each material to be cut. I work with venetian smalti, marbles, stones and gold and each of them has its own peculiarities.

cut tile hammer mosaic

For example, marbles are very different one from each other in compactness and porosity: some allow maximum freedom, others have imperfections, veins and when I go to cut I cannot ignore these characteritcs, because the material seems to break where it wants.

marble tile mosaic art

So I give up and indulge the nature of things: it is evident that the tile must have the form that nature has imposed on it. I just have to enhance this shape and insert it as a “variant on the theme”, for my mosaic texture. This is one of the ingredients that give rhythm to my compositions.

livio savioli mosaic art andamento

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