What I have learned from my first solo exhibition

Beyond the surface

To exhibit means to expose oneself. That’s true in every ambit: doing a presentation speech at work, talking about your ideas or taking sides. Sometimes to expose ourselves creates a sort of anxiety, because we move from our uses and we put ourselves out there.
It’s exactly what happened to me in the Terminillo mountain. Before leaving I felt a mix of feelings, joy to reach a result very important for me, together with fears and worries: “Will I measure up? Will the visitors appreciate my works? Will they understand me?”. Unfortunately the world of the mosaic is still too far from the public. The easel mosaic -my specialty- even more. I was worried about the answers I could have received.
All was ready and I couldn’t pull me out. Sure of what I’m doing, I fling myself and I let me carry away: “What could ever happened to me?”

Betond the surface exhibition opening

In fact, it was all so pleasant and natural. The Terminillo’s team was perfect: a wonderful exhibition set up and a warm welcome. When you have so passionate people near you, you have nothing to fear. Undoubtedly so much excitement: speaking into a microphone in front of many people, explaining my philosophy, facing up to a video-interview, the fortune to meet many people, at the beginning curious, then very interested. All these things strongly encouraged me.
Moreover, it was nice to have the time to deal with the visitors during the workshop setting up for the occasion. I’m always more convinced that the dialogue and the relationship with the people are essential.
So, I came back home with a big quantity of great memories, with the certainty that the easel mosaic is the right way for me and that putting myself out it is always a good thing, if I’m sure to have worked to the best of my abilities.

livio savioli beyond the surface solo exhibition

I’ d like to thank Father Mariano, don Luca, don Pietro and their team for giving me that opportunity. A special thank to Letizia Rosati, the curator, that was able to capture the essence of my works.

making of artistic mosaic levitazione

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